Our Services

Cypress Bay Solutions offers a full-array of products and services for SMBs. From the latest in wireless NFC & EMV-ready terminals to standard and reliable check imagers, Cypress Bay has you covered.

Credit & Debit Card Processing

According to a recent survey, more than half of Americans pay with a debit or credit card for the majority of their transactions. While cash payments still alive and well, it can no longer be considered the payment method of choice for consumers.Cypress Bay Solutions offers extremely competitive rates on debit & credit card transactions.

Mobile Payments

NFC (near field communication) technology powers services like Apple Pay & Samsung pay, which allow consumers to wave or “tap” their mobile device at the point-of-sale to complete a purchase. Small businesses in today’s market cannot afford to NOT offer this popular convenience service and Cypress Bay Solutions has the best in NFC capable terminals available.

Gift & Loyalty Card Processing

Did you know that millenials are more than twice as likely to purchase or use a gift card than someone over the age of 35? Don’t miss the boat! Cypress Bay Solutions has the perfect gift & loyalty solution for you.

Check Conversion & Guarantee

Believe it or not, check payments are still alive and well. Depending on your customer’s purchasing habits, this service can still be very useful to have. Cypress Bay has convenient and secure check conversion and guarantee services.