Pay By Face – The Future Of Mobile Payments?

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There’s an interesting story going around this week about what we might expect from the new iPhone that’s predicted to come out later this year. The stories all reference Ming-Chi Kuo’s list of 10 predictions for the new Apple iPhone.

I’m intrigued by the predicted abandonment of the Touch ID fingerprint reader in favor of facial recognition technology. The purpose, purportedly, is that Apple wants to remove the physical home button (where the current fingerprint reader resides) so they can increase the usable screen surface. That said, they do not yet have the technology to reliably read your fingerprint through the display. Kuo suggests that while Apple is trying to figure out how to embed the reader into the display, they will opt for the facial recognition component to avoid production delays.

But, is Apple trading security for aesthetics? Facial recognition software on the Galaxy S8 has been tricked with a photograph. That would make some folks a bit uneasy.

Suffice it to say that Apple probably would not hesitate to to re-incorporate a display-embedded fingerprint reader into next year’s version of the iPhone. Or, perhaps, maybe facial recognition will be the future of mobile device security. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to watch.

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